The Dragon's Game

Erek Dhor and the Escape

The group is in the employ of King Heralin. And have recently returned from and adventure into the deeps with Therin.

All the Kings servicemen and women are invited to a great celebration at the end of the day.
At the celebration it’s announced that Heralin will yield the throne to Therin and the coronation will be the next day. The party is to celebrate the new king.

The group is personally acquainted with Therin and have adventured with him before.
At the celebration Therin seems withdrawn and deep in thought. Many of the guests think that he’s just sad because his carefree life as the heir to the throne is over.

The doors to the hall burst open and clerics enter, rushing quickly to hold a whispered conversation with Therin.

Therin approaches the party

“Friends, time is short and we must go. Come with me.”

He takes the adventurers to a blank wall at the end of an unused hall of the castle. He taps the wall with and gemstone and the brickwork moves to reveal a passage. He motions for the group to enter the doorway. After the party is in the hall Therin shuts the door behind them, leaving himself outside the passage.
The passage quickly reveals itself to be an illusion. The party instantly begins to feel drowsy. Struggle as they may. Sleep takes them.

The party awakens in the same chamber they fell asleep in.
The keep they are in is now deserted. It looks like it has gone unused for some time.
As they explore the keep they find a shrine, magically lit.
The shrine is 1/3 size statues of the party. Included in the shrine in dwarvish is the following message

“The gold one arisen.
5 destroyed, but perhaps are saved.
The war was long ago lost.
Hope forestalled. Hidden in time.”
-Therin son of Heralin

The party moves through the keep as carefully as possible. Everything they see is ruined by tremendous age. They come upon an armory. As they explore the space disaster strikes as the trigger and old Dwarven mechanized explosive.

They later come upon a group of shoddy looking goblins in one of the abandoned buildings in the quarters of the mountain. They decide to avoid them completely.

They finally reach the doors out of the mountain keep. They see a tremendous pile of Dwarven corpses lit by the moonlight spilling through the great door. The door itself lies in ruin, shattered by some tremendous force. As the climb the corpse pile and look out at the world, they hear a scream from back in the keep.

A single goblin stands alone in the courtyard within the mountain.



And a tremendous swarm of the creatures comes rushing out of the ruins.

The party flees.



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